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Mezzanine BBS Status

February 11, 2004

Yes, believe it or not, this BBS is STILL in operation, but is now available both by dialup modem and via telnet. Care to take a stroll back to the days before the Internet reigned supreme? When BBSing was still a fun way to communicate? Back when modems were slow and long distance bills ballooned every month? Before cell phones were the rage?

January 22, 2002

Check out the Mezzanine BBS telnet access test site. I am running a beta version of Hermes II BBS. Many thanks to Michael Alyn Miller for his continuing work on Hermes II. For more information on the current status of The Hermes II Project, be sure to check the official Hermes II web site periodically at

*DataComet a recommended telnet client for Macintosh users for accessing The Mezzanine telnet test BBS
*Preconfigured session file for accessing The Mezzanine telnet test BBS with DataComet

October 25, 2000

The Mezzanine CD-ROM file libraries may be offline periodically for system maintenance reasons. If you find that the library you need to access is offline, you will have an opportunity to place a file request. You may also leave email to me at I'll likely see your message sooner at that address than anywhere else, especially during weekdays.

Expect some delay in response if you post anywhere else.

The BBS is in a transition state right now pending further development of the Hermes II BBS software. While The Mezzanine BBS is really a dialup system at this time, support is being added to the host software to support telnet and web access. Changes may be forthcoming throughout the upcoming months and year.

All critical Y2K bugs in the Hermes BBS software had been isolated and fixed by the developer as of February 27, 2000. The Mezzanine is now running an interim beta version (3.5.9b1.1) of Hermes II.

FidoNet Echomail (Message Bases): Inbound & Outbound Active
FidoNet Netmail & Gated Internet Email: Inbound & Outbound Active
BBS List, GFiles (Online Reading Areas), Externals: All Online
Non CD-ROM Based File Areas: All Online
CD-ROM Based File Areas: Available; Usually Online 24/7

Many thanks to Michael Alyn Miller for tackling and fixing the Y2K bugs that had compromised The Mezzanine's FidoNet support. All is back to normal now and the BBS is back to 24/7 operation.

For more information on the current status of The Hermes II Project, be sure to check the official Hermes II web site from time to time.

A Few Words About The BBS

Apple User Group Connection approved Macintosh User Group & licensed software distribution site. Home of the Denton Area BBS List. FidoNet 1:393/11 Netmail and Echomail. Macintosh, Windows & DOS file areas, plus the latest AMUG BBS In A Box CD-ROM file library & the latest (as well as prior) USRobotics FlashROM releases. All callers are welcome and access is free. Denton, TX.

The BBS host software is Hermes II for the Macintosh by The Hermes II Project. The FidoNet mailer is MacKennel by Mobius Concepts, Inc. The Mezzanine is a Macintosh-based system.

Walter Bowen, SysOp & User Group Ambassador

Denton Mac Users Message Conference

Check out the DENTON_MACUSERS Message Conference. This local (formerly FidoNet networked) conference originates on The Mezzanine BBS. You will need to create a user account on The Mezzanine BBS to access it via dialup or telnet.

About The Mezzanine Mac Online User Group

If you are a Macintosh user, once you have established your user account on The Mezzanine, you will enjoy all the privileges and benefits of user group membership, including the Apple User Group (MUG) Store!

Click the "apple in the spotlight" below and see the latest "hot news" from Apple!


Check out this new site for a monthly newsletter chock full of hints and tips for Mac users. The site is located at Check it out!


Check out Macfora, a new online Mac resource/support forum. Macfora uses vBulletin forum software. The design of their site garnered the vBulletin board of the month for January, 2002. The site is located at Please stop by and have a look!

Washington Apple Pi's Apple User Group

This one's a real winner, folks. Click here or click the graphic to visit Washington Apple Pi, one of the premiere Mac user group sites on the web today.

Check out Washington Apple Pi's Apple User Group Listing, too, for one of the most comprehensive and useful national and world wide listings of Mac user groups and web sites we've seen yet!

x2 Technology Information for USRobotics Sportster V.34 and Courier V.34 Users

If you use one of the above modems, you can upgrade to the new 56K x2 technology from USRobotics. Click here or click the USRobotics graphic below for more details.

Other Mac User Groups Throughtout Texas

aDAUG Austin Digital Assistant Users Group
Apple Corps of Dallas
Capitol Macintosh User Group (CapMac) in Austin
CowTown MUG Fort Worth
Dallas MUG
EGAD Electronic Graphic Artists of Dallas
HAAUG Houston Area Apple Users Group
MacApple Users in San Antonio
Mac Pack community/business group in the Dallas area
MacPUG Macintosh Permian User Group, in the Midland/Odessa area
MUGTU Macintosh Users at Trinity University, San Antonio
South Texas MUG Corpus Christi
Texas A & M University Macintosh Users Group (TAMUG) in College Station
Texas MUG Round Rock (Austin area)
The ChatterBox BBS and user group
Tyler Area Macintosh Users
University MUG for current students, faculty, and staff of the University of Texas at Austin
Valley MUG McAllen (South Rio Grande Valley)
Note: Our thanks to Washington Apple Pi for this compilation!

Macintosh Support Alternatives for Denton Mac Users

These are NOT paid advertisements. They are courtesy announcements provided as a public service to Mezzanine BBS callers, members of our Mac User Group and visitors to this web page. If you contact one of these businesses for your computer support needs, please let them know you heard about them from through The Mezzanine BBS! Also, I would also appreciate hearing your feedback regarding your experiences with them. Thanks! -Walter Bowen

*MACINTOSH SUPPORT & REPAIR * Apple Certified Technician * Melinda Webb * P. O. Box 66, Denton, TX 76201 * Call 940.566.1197 and leave message! * Or, send email to * Apple Macintosh, Power Macintosh and Performa equipment only (no Apple II equipment)

*Click here to link to UNIVERSITY COMPUTER STORES * Sales, Service & Networking * PC's, Apple/Macintosh & Amiga * Dennis Kam, CDP, MBA, Vice President * Employment Opportunities, too! * 111 E. University #110, Denton, TX 76201 * * 940.940.387.4731 * fax 940.382.0470

*NTI ELECTRONICS * Servicing IBM & compatible computers, but can also service monitors for all platforms (including Macintosh) * Also VCRs & camcorders * Will assemble custom computer systems * Ask for Byron! * 1622 West University, Denton, TX 76201 * Next to Beijing Restaurant * email * voice 940.380.9079

The Association of Macintosh Trainers (AMT)

The Association of Macintosh Trainers (AMT) is an international network of Macintosh computer professionals who provide computer support and assistance to anyone in need. Click here to link to the AMT web site,

Some of My Favorite Mac Surfin' & Support Sites

*Version Tracker
*The Macintosh Extensions Guide

Need Terminal Software?

The Mezzanine is a "text-based" or "command line user interface" BBS system and does not currently support a "graphical user interface." You will, therefore, need a terminal emulation program for your computer, preferably one that supports PC-ANSI graphics, in order to connect to the BBS. Modem connections from 300 to 33600 bps are supported.

If you need terminal software, you might want to try one of the following programs. Just click on the title to download.

*ZTerm 1.0.1 Terminal (Shareware) for the Macintosh
*Denton ZPhoneList Custom Dialing Directory for ZTerm 1.0.1
*TERMINATE 5 Terminal (Shareware) for DOS
*Delrina FreeComm for DOS
*DataComet a recommended telnet client for Macintosh users for accessing The Mezzanine telnet test BBS
*Preconfigured session file for accessing The Mezzanine telnet test BBS with DataComet

*thedirectory of Internet Service/Access Providers & BBSes

*A Documentary about Bulletin Board Systems. This is the central information, research, and communication center for an all-inclusive BBS Documentary being filmed throughout 2002 (and part of 2003, as well) by Jason Scott. Click the link to find out more about it. Click here for a shot of the master at work!

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