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OnSports OnLine is a sports online service located in the Washington DC area. You can call at (703) 573-2255 with a modem and use the system for 20 minutes per day on a FREE trial basis.

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About OnSports OnLine

More than 200 sports forums are available in OnSports OnLine with over 100,000 messages. About 5,000 new messages are added every day. Callers can discuss over 100 sports from Archery to Weightlifting, from Paintball to Football, from Hockey to Scuba. Each professional football, basketball, baseball and hockey team has their own forum. Several busy message areas are sports cards and auto racing.

Callers can download any of several hundred files from OnSports OnLine. Many of these are shareware sports games. Other files include sports schedules, nutritional programs and statistics. Graphics files are available of team logos, of some players and for use in some screen saver programs.

Satellite sports news is updated every hour. This service covers as many as 100 games per night with scores on even more. You also get sports columns, schedules, box scores, stats, standings and stories. The coverage is extensive from Grapefruit League baseball, Olympics, Formula One and NASCAR auto racing, college sports and much more.

OnSports OnLine uses an optional graphic interface. This industry standard RIP graphics are supported by a variety of different software packages. A free telecommunications package is available directly from OnSports OnLine which supports this standard. With the RIP graphics users can see sports graphics and use graphic buttons and icons to navigate the system. Online sports chat allows two or more users to "talk by typing" about their favorite sports topic. As usage grows this aspect of OnSports OnLine is expected to become a major part of the service. Testers of the service were particularly interested in the graphic interface when using chat.

Any sports fan can call (703) 573-2255 (BALL) with a modem and try OnSports OnLine for 20 minutes per day. Annual memberships are available at an introductory rate of $45 which provides access for two hours per day, internet email and other benefits.

OnSports OnLine Newsletter

You can get a copy of the latest newsletter from OnSports OnLine by sending any email to onsports-news@mailcall.com By return remail you will receive a copy of our current newsletter. Anyone is welcomed to subscribe to the OnSports OnLine MailCall. This MailCall will automatically send you the monthly newsletter from OnSports OnLine and other announcements.

To subscribe send to:

the one line message of :
sub onsports

^^^---Do not leave any spaces in front of the word: sub.

This will automatically add your name from the MailCall. Please do NOT submit messages to this address.


If you have any questions about the OnSports MailCall, then please write me directly and I will try and help you. I would also like to receive any comments you may have at ray.daly@onsports.com or ray.daly@mailcall.com .

OnSports OnLine Graphics

OnSports OnLine supports the RIP standard for providing graphics to our callers. If you call with a terminal program which supports this protocol, you will see our graphics and use our graphical interface. A freeware terminal program is available for downloading from OnSports OnLine.

The new RIP 2.0 standard is now available and supported by a commercial terminal program. We are just starting to add graphics and audio (yes, audio) which supports this new standard. Below this line is our opening screen when you call OnSports OnLine. You need any RIP compatible program to view it.

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