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Rick Lembree

1955 - 1996

I first talked to Rick in October, 1986. I had recently moved to Kennebunkport from Colorado, and had just bought my first A500, and Rick was running a BBS on a Commodore 64. In 1989 I bought a modem and logged on to Harbour Lights BBS for the first time. By now Rick was running the BBS on an Amiga 2000, and I found a home, and soon the wide world of Fido. Rick and I became close friends over the next years; we had a lot in common (Amigas, babes, music, we were both ultra-conservatives), and we took quite a few road trips, including a memorable one to Boston in the Spring of 1993 to meet Mary Ryan and Paula Liberman of the Boston Computer Society, and Asha DeVelder who flew in from the Left Coast for the occasion. Rick had a number of physical problems and had a lot of bad days, but on the good days he lived live to the fullest, like a kid in a candy store. Time passed and so did Commodore and one day in mid 1995 Rick , always faithful to his Amiga, posted a message in the Fido Amiga echo with Ricardo.Amiga Charter Member, Team AMIGA in his signature as a joke. This seemed to strike just the right note for the time and he was deluged with messages from people asking how to join. Rick jumped on the chance to further the Amiga cause, and soon people from around the world had *Team Amiga* after their names.
Rick passed away in the Summer of 1996. With the help of Asha and Rick's brother Larry, the TA database was transferred to the capable hands of Gary Peake in September, 1996 and I'd like to think that Rick's love of the Amiga lives on in `his' Team.


John Maguire, Sysop

Harbour Lights BBS, Mousam River BBS

Kennebunkport, Maine

December, 1998

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