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Launch of Akord BBS
Many PC enthusiasts want to launch their own BBS. They choose one of  many BBS known systems and try it. But only few people hold on practicing BBS for a sufficiently long time. That is why plenty of new BBS are launched every day and plenty of other  BBS are terminated. I became a BBS adict in 1997 when I started the first version of my BBS. I dubbed it AKORD (Czech  spelling of Accord) because the system run smoothly as a sound of a guitar tune., full of harmony as well as excitment. In this way Akord BBS story began and has continued till today.
However, the very beginning was not smooth.  I started without elementary experience so that I must very appreciate Mr. Pavel Kerek from DOGISOFT BBS. His  help was   priceless, especially when knowledge of basic BBS programming was needed.

History in Cube

January 1, 1997 

AKORD BBS launch in system SUPERBBS under the Windows 95. Modem Microcom DataPotre 2400

February 28, 1997

New modem Microcom DeskPorte 28.800

December 25, 1997

Visit number 100! Visitor: Jan Florian from Milešovice!

January 6, 1998

D`bridge mailer installed.  AKORD start using  Remote Access System BBS

February 13, 1998

AKORD BBS added to the BBS.CSK list  

March 3, 1998

 New data phone line added ! Phone number change ! AKORD BBS  phone number  420-5-45242637

April 3, 1998

Pvt,11,AKORD_BBS,Brno,Jiri_Wagner,420-5-45242637,9600,     XX,V32B,V42B,V34,U,TVG. FIDO-POINT42

December 31, 1998

Visitor number 200!Visitor: Radek Chvátal from Brno

April 13, 1999

New modem Microcom DeskPorte 56K installed with Voice support V.90 for 56000 bps ITU - T V.34,V.42,V.42bis MNP 2-4 MNP 5 MNP 10

June 1, 1999

Hardware upgrade - new grafic card ATI,  RAM increase to 50 MB. BBS running under the Windows 98 

January 1, 2000

Because RA is not prepared for new millenium, AKORD BBS should be converted to system ELE BBS compatible with RA. In this form it has run without problems..


Experiment with a new version RA was not succesfull! We Stay with ELE BBS.


Better promotion Akord BBS on the internet. New Internet Page was done 1thPage.


Visitor number 250!Visitor: Martin Fialal from Bruntal



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